'm looking for any information on the history of the Barbie dolls "Rio" series -- when they were introduced; advertisements or articles; and most especially, "what was special" about Barbie Rio?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe the Barbie Carnival Series (Rio de Janeiro Barbie) was introduced in 2006. It was part of Barbie's/Mattel's "Dolls of the World" series, and it was based on a Brazilian-styled carnival costume. According to reviewers, the costume has a quite authentic look. The skimpy costume was considered somewhat risque, although it certainly wasn't much more revealing than previous bathing suit Barbies.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't have any information to add, but I do wonder if they kept Barbie's blonde hair and blue eyes for this--or any other cultural--doll. If the goal was simply to learn about the clothing from different places, perhaps this was a good idea; if they aspired to do more, it seems unlikely they achieved the goal.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Number 2 provided a good answer. As for being risqué, you could argue that there are cultural differences in what is all right for girls to look at and wear. The idea was to learn about other cultures, not to aspire to skimpy clothes.