Barack Obama's dreams shape his identity and help him to become a success, Do you agree?

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I certainly think that this is a desired outcome from the narrative.  Obama frames the narrative presented as one where his dreams and vision of the future are ones born out of challenge and questioning.  The dreams that are affirmed at the end of the narrative is one where Obama's questioning and sense of confusion about his own identity and ethnicity in his own life help to provide some level of solid ground in order to base his own dreams and hopes for the future.  The implication here is that through discouraging and uncertain situations, individuals are able to persevere through believing in their own dreams and hopes for the future.  It is here where Obama is able to reconnect with his identity in Kenya and place the experiences of not having a "traditional" upbringing into the context that can enable him to dream and envision a future that can reflect what can be as opposed to what is.  It is here where he believes that his dreams and hopes helped him to become a success.  This belief helps to feed his social activism and desire for improvement, something that is able to happen despite the challenges and frustrations that might present themselves before dreams can be accomplished.

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