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Who was Barack Obama's campaign manager in 2008? a. Valerie Jarrett.   b. Joe Biden.   c. David Axelrod.   d. David Plouffe.   e. Steve Hildebrand.

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In 2008, Candidate Obama's campaign manager was David Plouffe.  Steve Hildebrand was a Deputy Campaign Manager who had a focus on Iowa, instrumental in the 2008's success.  David Axelrod was primarily seen as the media strategist who was able to carve out the message and ensure that its delivery would be understood by more people.  Valerie Jarrett did not have a specific role in the campaign.  Her purpose was seen more as an advisor to the then- Senator.  Joe Biden came into the campaign as the Vice- Presidential Selection of the candidate.  He was selected with the rather immortal words of the candidate when he decided, "It's Biden," in a simple and declarative moment.  David Plouffe was the one in charge of managing the campaign, and designed many of the strategic elements that were instrumental in the campaign's success.  Plouffe was the architect in seeing the Primary race in 2008 as one that stretched past "Super Tuesday" and essentially made the Primary season one that went through all 50 states, ensuring that the brand of the campaign could be understood and become familiar to as many people as possible.  This was vital in the general election when Candidate Obama was able to broaden his reach to so much of the electorate.

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