Barack Obama or Mitt Romney Whom and Why?

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While I am also repulsed by the sorry state of politics today, I support President Obama, whose views on social issues and foreign policy are closer to my own than Romney's (to the extent that we can tell what his views actually are). I am also persuaded that such proposals as exist among the Republicans, especially the so-called Ryan plan, would be absolutely catastrophic. I have gone out of my way to avoid political discussions this time around, and actually prefer to read transcripts of the debates than to watch them on TV. 

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I think it's sad that the American voter is forced to nearly always choose between the lesser of two evils. Obama has done a terrible job trying to rescue the economy that was wrecked by George Bush. I don't trust Romney, who either "flip-flops" or seems to lie constantly about his projected policies. Since I am a Democrat, I will probably vote for Obama this election, though I did not back him (nor McCain) in 2008.

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I tend to lean towards Mitt Romney because of his strong business background, which I think is what the country needs to get employment back on a strong track. I do respect President Obama's efforts in trying to do something about health care in the country as well. Both men are intelligent, capable individuals, albeit with different views on which direction they feel the country should go. I agree with the previous posts concerning nothing getting done in Washington because of partisan bickering. A spirit of cooperation is what is needed as the country is in a mess financially and the way out of massive debt has to be both parties working together for the common good - easier said than done, judging by the tone of campaign advertisements.

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I do agree with number 2 in some respects.  I am so sick of politics and elections.   It seems like this election started 4 years ago.  I wish that we could actually talk about real issues, work together to solve problems, compromise and actually get things done.

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I'm having a hard time caring.  Both candidates are deeply flawed.  But even worse, it doesn't really matter who wins.  We have a Congress that is so divided and two parties that hate each other so much that nothing is going to get accomplished no matter who wins.  I want something that's really going to shake up the system, not just more of the same.

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Hmmm,,, "!!!" For me,,, I love Barack Obama  ^_*
I do not know why o_O!!! but I think he's a good man!