Barack Obama First African American President or "Affirmative Action"?So many american were so happy to see a black man as our first black president, I myself was so happy and proud to see an...

Barack Obama First African American President or "Affirmative Action"?

So many american were so happy to see a black man as our first black president, I myself was so happy and proud to see an African American as a President however I often wonder if it's too good to be true. I mean after how many "attempts" on OUR part to get a minority in office we finally succeed? It's very questionable to myself and others included im sure but how am I supposed to take this history was made YES but is this a ploy by AMERICA TO SHIFT THE BLAME.

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even as far as outrageous conspiracy theories go, the idea that the election of Barack Obama was based on affirmative action or some collusive ploy by the American people to shift the blame is extremely unlikely, maybe even ridiculous. That would imply that a significant amount of those who voted for Obama (millions) had conspired to vote for him, get him elected only in order to shift all the blame. For whatever reason: racism, a republican strategy - really doubt this happened. Obama was elected genuinely.

Whenever a new president is elected, especially if he/she is of a different party than the preceding president, the oppositional party is going to do whatever they can to place blame for the country's problems on the new president. This is nothing new. The fact that some republicans have shifted blame is probably no surprise to the democrats or Obama. Hence, his responses lately about the recession he inherited. This idea of "shifting the blame" is just what's called "partisan politics" - this is when two (or more) political parties disagree so often and so fundamentally, that they refuse to compromise. Often it is the case that politicians become so partisan, so biased by their party's ideology that they lose sight of facts, and will automatically blame the oppositional party as a matter of habit and as an act to advertise their party as the one with superior ideas. So, shifting the blame is not affirmative action or a conspiracy. It is just the (usually mindless) tradition of partisan politics.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I hope we are a post-racial country. It appears we are. Today my primarily white students are reading Martin Luther King's speech with great reverence and praise for the impact he made on our society's quest for equality.

While affirmative action has it's place in leveling the playing field in instances like making higher education accessible to all races, I believe Barack Obama is truly our honestly elected first African American President.

Last night in a John McCain interview, he said that our problems did indeed start with too much spending in the Bush era. However, he also pointed out that this spending problem has become worse under Obama.

Obama has regularly blamed Bush and in increasing comments of late for the problem of the economy. Obama has ideas about how to address it and those ideas include increasing spending right now. Many are criticizing that position. However, only history will be able to tell how effective or ineffective his position actually is. Even if his policies turn out to damage America, I hope and pray we are beyond blame as it relates to race. I hope we separate ideology from ethnicity, and I believe we do and are.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't really understand what you're saying.  Your question (or statement) is not at all clear.

Although I'm not black, I'm not 100% white either, so I think I can be skeptical about the goodwill of white America as well as the next person.  But I have a very hard time believing (if this is what you're saying) that electing Obama was somehow a plot to shift the blame for America's problems onto a black man.

I fail to see how millions of Americans could conspire together secretly.  I fail to see why anyone would want to intentionally cause more problems to happen (assuming that Obama would be a worse president than McCain would have been) just so they can blame black people for it.

So, this one's a bit too far out for me...