Balanced equation of zinc carbonate + nitric acid = zinc nitrate + carbon dioxide + water  

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The various species involved in the reaction have the following chemical formulas:

zinc carbonate: ZnCO3

nitric acid: HNO3

Zinc nitrate: Zn(NO3)2

water: H2O

carbon dioxide: CO2

The chemical equation for the reaction can be written as:

`ZnCO_3 + HNO_3 -> Zn(NO3)_2 + H_2O + CO_2`

Let us check if the equation is balanced. A balanced chemical reaction has the same number of each species on the reactant and the product side. 

Zinc: 1 atom on each side

C: 1 atom on each side

O: 6 atoms on reactant side and 9 atoms on product side

H: 1 atom on reactant side and 2 on product side

N: 1 atom on reactant side and 2 on product side.

Thus, apart from zinc and carbon, all other atoms are unbalanced. A simple way to balance them is by using a multiplier of 2 for nitric acid.

The new equation is:

`ZnCO_3 + 2HNO_3 -> Zn(NO_3)_2 + H_2O + CO_2`

Now, if we count, all the species have the same numbers of atoms on both the reactant as well as the product side of the reaction.

Thus, this is the well-balanced chemical equation for the reaction.

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