In the back of Breaking Dawn, on the guide of powers, it says that Victoria has a power. What is her power?

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Victoria has a talent for being extremely cunning and elusive. Although she is introduced in "Twilight", her story does not end until Eclipse. If you think back to "Twilight", after James begins to pursue Bella, the Cullens decide to split  up and create a diversion. Alice and Jasper take Bella away, while the rest of the family leads James away and from Bella and begin to track Victoria. They are unsuccessful. The book ends without them catching her.

In "New Moon", Edward leaves Bella and her protection is left up to Jacob Black and the rest of the wolf pack. He and the newly "transitioned " Quielute boys spend much of the book playing cat and mouse with Victoria. Several times they have her in their sights only to narrowly miss capturing her.

It isn't until "Eclipse", when Victoria resorts to creating new vampires, does she slip up and is captured and killed by Edward.

rcd78 | Student

Victoria talent is based off self-preservation. She knows when she is in danger somewhat like a spider-sense LOL. She knows exactly when and where to flee. She is extremely quick to. The only reason she was kill by ****** (just in case you didn't read ****) because ***** is faster and can read her intention before and while she makes them.

zumba96 | Student

Victoria can know if a future event will turn in her favor or against her. If it is against her she would get away from it and when the pack and the Cullens are hunting her she can get away. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Victoria has the ability to know whether the outcome of an event will be in her favor or not. If it is not then she is likely to run away ahead of time before anyone catches her. This is why it is difficult for both the Cullen's and the Pack to catch Victoria whenever she decides to show up. Victoria's ability also causes her to make an army of new born vampires because she knows that she can not take on the Cullen's by herself unless she wants a death notice.

rey12345678 | Student

she can fly  and super stroung

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