In The Kite Runner, is Baba a good father to Amir? Give 3 affirmative and three negative assertions.

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Postive Assertions:

1. Baba sets good example for Amir in that he is generous to others and will stand up for the oppressed (i.e., his brazen confrontation with the Soviet soldier as he and Amir try to escape from Afghanistan).

2. In America, Baba sacrifices his own desires for Amir's well being.  Baba longs for Afghanistan but knows that Amir is thriving in America.  He also drives a rattletrap and buys Amir a better car.

3. At the end of his life, Baba makes peace with what Amir and has chosen for a career and gives his blessing by listening to his stories for once.

Negative Assertions:

1. Baba keeps the most important truth from Amir and even takes it with him to his grave--the truth that Hassan is Amir's half brother.

2. Baba's harsh and distant treatment of Amir causes him to seek Baba's approval at any cost, even the betrayal of his friend.

3. Baba allows his best friend and business partner to be more of a parent to Amir than he is because he is so wrapped up in himself and his own guilt.

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