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In some ways it does not matter if he is innocent or not as this represents how someone in power, whether it is an individual or a group, can state something and make it so. Aziz is not believed and is not even given a chance to prove himself. He is essentially guilty before proven innocent.

careful | Student

What happened to Adela in the caves is a legitimate question.  She may or may not believe in the truth of her accusations against Aziz.

The reader knows what she might not: Aziz's innocence is a certainty.

We don't know this because of his qualities of character or Adela's.  We don't know this because of the systemic injustice against Indians that Forster so aptly portrays.  We know this for the simple reason that we were there with the accused.  We, the readers, are Aziz's alibi.

Forster doesn't narrate these moments in an unreliable 1st person.  The narration is 3rd person.  At the time that corresponds to Adella's allegations the narration is following Aziz very closely.

We are, in a sense, eye-witnesses to the manifest untruth of any accusation against Aziz at this time.  To doubt this requires doubting the veracity of the novel's narrative voice.

However, if we do this the text is rendered useless.  If Forster's third-person narration is taken as unreliable we are left with the realization that Adela may not have ever even accused Aziz, that she possibly never went to India and that, in fact, none of these characters exist at all to be guilty or innocent.


To put it more succinctly, when we doubt the narrator we are left with the analytically useless truth that this is a work of fiction and exists only in the mind of author and reader.

The courts, in story, can't know the truth.  But to careful readers, either Aziz is innocent or he is nothing.

doody | Student

I believe in Aziz. and he was innocent for many reasons;

1- If there is any attempt to do such thing with Adela he will never going to invite Mrs.Moore with here and all of those people who are with them in the trip.

2- Aziz is a muslim man, and what characterises them is not lying. Add to that, that there is no reason to lie.

3- The echo is a symbol, and has the hand in what is happened to Adela.

4- The situation of Adela. When she was scared by something she didn't see. the only thing that she know, is that she has a feeling of scare.

5- Aziz is a kind man, who will never going to hurt who he loves them.

6- The general atmosphere of India also has an effect on Adela and Mrs.Moore.

emcosentino | Student
Is Aziz Innocent?Do you think Aziz is inoocent and did not do anything or is he the bad person as according to Ronny.

i definatley think aziz is innocent because he wouldn't have any motive to do such a thing. He is in his own country and he knows the risks when one does such a thing. Most of all we have seen his attitude in the story and he is not the type of person that would do this.

dubetzd | Student


vittolovesunicorns | Student

of course he is. Adela is a rotten cowardly liar; who now has her tail stuck in between her legs because she's too scared of looking foolish in front of the English, and succumbs to peer pressure... tell the truth Adela

manfredocamperio | Student

i defenetly believe that he is innocent. not because i trust the indians, but because i don't trust the british. I think that adela had been convinced by another British person to accuse Aziz of a horible which he probably didn't commit. i don't know yet if he is guilty or not, but i believe not. i am very exited to find out.

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