Of the following options, which one best applies to the Axis Powers? a. pursued similar goals of expansion b. Forced the Allies to fight a truly global war c. were made up of Germany, Japan and at the beginning of the war Italy d. can be defined by all the above.

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The correct answer is 'D.  All of the Above.'

Here is how the choices apply to the Axis Powers:

A.  Pursued Similar Goals of Expansion

Hitler's Germany had the plan of 'Lebensraum'--that the German people needed 'living space' to become the great world power that he had envisioned.  He wanted Germany to not only have access to the North Sea, but also to command shipping routes and colonies in Africa as well.  Japan had a similar vision.  In the "Tanaka Memorial" Japan carefully outlined its plan for world domination; the rising sun on the flag represented their vision for a Japan that would cover the earth, spreading their power and influence much like the warmth of the rising sun.

B.  Forced the Allies to fight a truly global war

The Axis Powers did make the Allies fight a global war.  Hitler and Mussolini's forces tied up Allied armies in Europe, while Japan's forces also forced the Allies to fight in the Pacific Theater as well. 

C. Were made up of Germany, Japan, and at the beginning of the war, Italy

The Axis Powers were originally made up of Germany, Japan, and Italy.  Italy drops out of the war fairly early on when Mussolini is overthrown.

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