Discuss which of the statements about the Axis powers is true. a. Pursued similar goals of expansion b. Forced the Allies to fight a truly global war c. Were made up of Germany, Japan and at the beginning of the war Italy d. Can be defined by all the above.

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The three answers are valid, making the fourth one the correct answer.  The Axis powers did pursue similar goals of expansion.  I think that a clear case can be made for the nations like Germany, Italy, and Japan pursuing expansionist tendencies which led to the outbreak of the Second World War.  In this, the first statement is true.  Given how there were formidable challenges in Europe, Northern Africa, as well as South East Asia, I think that the Axis powers forced the Allied forces to fight in different localities around the world.  The Allied powers were fairly skilled in recognizing that focused concentration on one region and moving to another was a successful strategy in defeating the Axis powers.  This makes the second statement true.  At this point, I think that the last statement becomes the correct answer, but to confirm, the third option is also valid.  The Italian- Japanese- German alliance composed the Axis powers.  In this, all three statements about the Axis Powers are valid.  In this, I would say that the fourth option is the most valid in that it encompasses the previous three answers. 

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