In The Awakening, how is Edna's father, the Kentucky Colonel, relevant to the story, and what is his role? How does the Colonel affect Edna's life?

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The narrator tells us that the arrival of Edna's father "was in the nature of a welcome disturbance; it seemed to furnish a new direction for her emotions." However, "She was not very warmly or deeply attached to him," and this is what makes it so interesting that she seems to serve him so willingly, performing almost the role that she is expected to play for her own husband. In fact, she would not allow a servant or one of her own children to perform any task for him that she, herself, could do. "It amused her" to wait on him hand and foot. She is not antagonized by him, despite the fact that he must be quite imperious—a former general in the Confederate army as well as a man who likely "had coerced his own wife into her grave" with his demands. Edna, who is completely unwilling to behave submissively toward her husband, Leonce , anymore, seems quite willing to take on this role for her...

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