Autobiography - Harvard Book Award Can someone provide me some info about how to write AN autobiolography ??   I will like to attend the Harvard Book Award this year however I don't know how to write a good autobiology.   Please provide me with some ideas and samples thANKS !

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Here are two useful links to eNotes sources:

Most autobiographies are structured chronologically, with an emphasis on key events in a person's life. Or they can trace the development of a person's most important thoughts or the evolution of the person's character.  Since your autobiography probably can't be very long (in other words, since it is probably an autobiographical essay rather than a book), you will have to choose which aspects of your life you consider most important and focus on those.

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I think the key to a successful autobiography is to focus on significant, life-changing events and provide enough background for these events that the reader ends up with a general picture of most of your life. It's not just facts and events. Emotions and reactions looking back are just as important.
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