Autobiographical essay...How would I break it down into 3 paragraphs about how I was once consumed by "social" aspects of high school? I knew everyone, was seen everywhere, got high... Then I got arrested twice, both times because of someone else, then jumped and robbed by 4 high school guys who broke my hand and ruined my summer. I hated the world and lost faith in the police.... Now I am friends with the arresting officer, have caught up in school, and am one of the youngest, most familiar faces as student rep for N.A in S.B.

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It seems to me as if you are trying to cram too much of your life into three paragraphs. The assignment seems to call for an essay of only around a thousand words. No one can tell the story of his life in such a short space. The essay would read like a man traveling on a rocket ship at the speed of light.

I don't believe that the fact that the essay is autobiographical means that it has to cover a large part of your entire life. You might be able to focus on just one of the events you have mentioned in your question. The part about your reformation seems the most promising. You could cover all the rest by saying something like: "I had a hectic life, but now I am on the right track." Or something along those lines. And then describe your present situation in three paragraphs. You might devote the last paragraph to your future--where you think you would like to end up five or ten years from now.

The information you have sketched with your question seems sufficient to fill an entire book--and maybe you might want to think about writing such a book some day--but not now.

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If you look at how you posted your question, you've actually already split your information into three paragraphs by placing ellipses into the sentences. The first paragraph will act as the set-up, including the information about being consumed by the social aspects of high school. The end of your first paragraph should include a transition sentence to let the reader know this consumption lead to many different trials and hard times in your life.

Your second paragraph should include the information about your arrets, being jumped and robbed, and the fallout from this happening--having your hand broken, ruining your summer, and your unhappiness with the world and police. The end of this paragraph should have a transition sentence to let the reader know your essay will have a hopeful ending.

The third paragraph will include how things have turned around, like befriending the police officer, caught up in school, and become a student representative.

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