The author refers to a time when the Kiowa were living "their last great moments in history." What happened to end this period in Kiowa history?

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The Way to Rainy Mountain is the telling of the rise and fall of one of North America's great nomadic tribes, the Kiowa.  It tells how they began in the weather-beaten mountains of the north.  From there they traveled and grew, in spirit and knowledge, until they arrived at the Wichita Mountains of the south.

They incorporated the religious views of other tribes and broadened their own philosophies.  They learned to tame the wild horses and utilized them to improve their hunting and survival skills. In the process, they learned to embrace their nomadic lifestyle and thrive.  When they united with the Comanche, the union proved to be a formidable ruling force over the plains for the better part of a century.

Then, the European-Americans set their sights on settling what is known today as the United States.  The U.S. Cavalry was formed.  Soon the Native Americans were hunted and contained.  Not like the buffalo, for they were hunted for survival.  The Kiowa and all Native American tribes were hunted and corralled like a pestilence.  Their "last great moment in history" occurred when they surrendered in Palo Duro Canyon and became the spoils of war for the American soldiers.