Radio Golf Questions and Answers
by August Wilson

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In August Wilson's play, Radio Golf, what specific quote, in which act and scene, can be used to demonstrate how Roosevelt is warned of how he is allowing himself to be used by whites because he has stepped away from his origins and history?    

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The conflict between Sterling and Roosevelt show this dispute. Sterling thinks of what Roosevelt does as betraying his people and history while Roosevelt does not recognize any "us" versus a "them."

ROOSEVELT: Who's "us"? Roosevelt Hicks is not part of any "us."
STERLING: ... You go around kissing the white man's ass then when they see me they think I'm supposed to kiss it too. You ever notice how glad they are when they see you coming. ...
ROOSEVELT: You're loitering. You're disrupting a place of business. If you don't leave I'm calling the police.

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