August Heat .The author was careful to select the details.In point form,list the facts that the author emphasize that accentuated the plot.

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The novel August Heat by Andrea Camilleri is a crime thriller, the tenth in the Inspector Montalbano series. 'Accentuate' means to emphasize something and this technique can be used to effectively develop a story.

The following facts in this story accentuate the crime plot:

1) The constant presence of sweat and power of the sun

2) Inviting friend Laura and his husband and son, to avoid boredom

3) Renting an abandoned isolated villa by the sea

4) The owner of the villa had various tragedies in his family

5) Invasion of cockroaches, mice and then spiders

6) Sudden disappearance of young Bruno and the family cat

7) Shady Sicilian builders and estate agents involved in dodgy practices

8) Presence of several other suspects

9) While searching for the lost boy, discovery of a dead body from the basement