Audry, a liberal Feminist, and Katie, a Difference Feminist, have just found out that they are making 4,000 dollars less than their co-worker David makes. David does the same job and has the same productivity as Audry and Katie. Both females decide to argue to their boss for a raise. What argument should Audry give while staying true to her version of Liberal Feminism (such as that argued by Simon De Bovier)? In addition, what argument would Katie give while remaining true to her version of Difference Feminism (such as argued by Carol Gilligan)?

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Audry and Katie both have the same goal while preparing for this meeting with their boss regarding their pay. Audry's liberal feminist outlook would likely lead her to argue her status and contributions to the workplace in gender-neutral terms, while Katie would likely point out the aspects of her performance that are equal to that of David's though she, as a woman, might go about her work differently than he does.

For example, Audry might decide to mention to her boss a list of facts that involve the hours she works, the credentials she has earned, her educational background, and other measurables that enable her to prove to her boss that she is just as deserving as David of his salary amount. From the liberal feminist point of view, the fact that Audry is a woman and David is a man should have nothing to do with the salary issues at hand. Salary decisions should have nothing to do with gender, so if she can deliver what David delivers, she deserves the same compensation.

Katie, on the other hand, might present to her boss a list of positive things that she contributes to her workplace as an individual in order to argue for an improved salary. The knowledge of David's salary will motivate Katie to advocate for herself, but she will probably not suggest that she and David are equals in order to encourage her boss to pay her more money. Rather, Katie's mindset that men and women are moral equals though they present different skill sets might lead her to focus on what she specifically does as an employee to deserve the same pay as David.

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