Auden capitalized words such as Press, Union, and Public Opinion. Why did he capitalize these words?

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If you use proper grammar, you Capitalize Proper Nouns.  The corner is a place, it doesn't need to be capitalized, but Mount Rushmore is a place, and it does need to be Capitalized because Mount Rushmore is a proper noun. 

In the Unknown Citizen, Auden is using Press, Union and Public Opinion as proper nouns.  The Press is a specific person in the story (i.e. a proper noun).  The Union is another specific person (i.e. a proper noun). 

Why he makes these proper nouns, relates to the message he is trying to illustrate with the story.  I hope that helps you understand his marriage. 

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To sustain any sort of credibility on this website, this inane and entirely nonsensical answer should be reviewed