Atticus's Leadership Style The Essay that I'm planning to write is supposed to include the leadership style of Atticus and quotes regarding it. I chose that he "goes by example and action" to lead Jem and Scout to the right position but the problem is that I'm no good with finding quotes like that. I know that his defending Tom Robinson is an example of something that he does to help Jem and Scout understand courage and an action to show Jem and Scout to the right path. But it's just difficult to find quotes for it Hope You Could Help! Thanks so Much!

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Atticus is very calm, and chooses to lead quietly and by example.  Consider the conversation he has with him brother after the brother spanks Scout.  Atticus comments that he has never laid a hand on either of his children, and his brother is amazed.  It shows how Atticus has managed to lead them in other ways.

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At one point (on page 144 of the 50th anniversary edition), Atticus explicitly states that Scout is learning from Jem's example.  In other words, at this point in the novel he explicitly endorses the thesis you are trying to prove.

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Here at enotes there are chapter summaries that may assist you in locating incidences of Atticus's teaching by example.  Then, you can peruse the particular chapters that have these examples and locate passages to serve as support for your thesis.  For instance, when Jem cuts the camellias of Mrs. Dubose in Chapter 11, he provides an example that supports his instructions to Scout earlier in Chapter 3:  You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view."

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