Atticus teaches respect for other people. Give examples and evidence from the novel to support the point you have made.Atticus and evidence about how he teaches respect from the book.

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In virtually all of his talks with his children, Atticus reminds them to be respectful of all people, no matter their color or social status. He cautions Scout not to use the "N" word, because it is "common." He forces Jem to spend time with Mrs. Dubose so that he can discover that people are not always what they seem. He makes Scout return to school after her spat with Miss Caroline and agrees to continue reading to Scout each night, keeping it a secret between the two so as not to further ingratiate the young teacher. He demands that the children remove the offending parts of the Morphodite Snowman so as not to offend Mr. Avery. He repeatedly reminds the children to "stop tormenting" Boo Radley. He approves of Calpurnia's scolding of Scout when she unknowingly ridicules Walter Cunningham Jr. for using to much syrup. He even scolds Scout for kicking the men who attempt to lynch Tom Robinson at the jail. His example of stepping into one's skin to understand how they act and feel is a key theme of the story.

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