Attempt a post colonial reading of Pride And Prejudice.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very interesting question. I am sure that we can say a lot of things, but here is my attempt at your very good question. Perhaps we can say that the dominant society is the colonial power. In this instance, we can say that men and the social structure that they have created is the dominant power in view. They are the ones who are spinning the ideology of what is proper. The colonized, then, are the women. But here is the twist. The colonized see through the power dynamics and they now begining to challenge it and even having some success. Good luck.

priyaansh | Student

Jane austen is one of those writers who best depict their society and give place to current events in their works..She has given place to Regency period,period of napoleanic wars and little triumph gained at that time.In pride and prejudice she has depicted the gentry of that time and women who want to secure their life by marrying someone with lots of money..And because of the events that takes place at that time soldiers are described in the novel..It depicts manners and culture of that time..It also describe little freedom gained by women of their periods..thus their are numerous elements of post colonial literature..

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