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is atopic in dogs also zoonotic? my dog has this atopic and of late i also scratch all the time.

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No.  If your dog has been diagnosed with an atopic condition it is, of course, possible that the vet got it wrong.  It may be that your dog has fleas or an infectious agent, and might even be allergic to it.

However, if your dog's condition is genuinely atopic, then it is a non-contagious condition and you either have a different problem or are imagining things.

I have to add here that I have been an elementary school teacher, and a couple of times we have had one or more children in the school with lice.  Although I have never gotten them myself, as soon as I hear about it I start to itch and crawl like crazy!!!

So, unless this becomes a big problem for you, I would suggest that you just try to put it out of your mind.

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