Atoms or monomers that make up molecule for glucose, protein,lipids(including fats and oils).

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Glucose contains Carbon (C), Oxygen(O) and hydrogen(H) atoms.

Proteins contain amino acid as its monomer. There are 20 naturally occuring amino acids which contain a variety of atoms such as Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) , Sulfur (S). Selectively, some amino acids contains Selenium(Se) which replaces S in cystein and Iron (Fe) which are sometimes present as binding atoms.

Lipids contain fatty acids and glycerol which are composed of Carbon (C),  Hydrogen (H) and Carbon (C) atoms

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The formula of glucose is C6H12O6

C is Carbon, H is Hydrogen, O is Oxygen

There are 20 amino acids.11 of them are made in our body. These are non-essential amino acids. the rest are obtained from the food we eat. These are essential amino acids.Amino acids have carbon, hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen(N). Some have phosphorus(P) and sulphur(S)

Lipids are broken down in the pancreas of our body. The result is fatty acids and glycerol.As carbohydrates, they have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but in different proportions.