In his "Atomic Bomb-Press Release-August 6, 1945," how does Truman advocate the use of atomic power for world peace?

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I think that it is interesting to note that Truman really does not outline how the dropping of the atomic bomb and the incredible amount of resources devoted to it exactly feeds the cause of world peace.  Truman argues that he will recommend that there is some type of "appropriate committee" that will investigate how the uses of the atomic weapon can be driven towards world peace.  The use of the term "appropriate" is vague, in that the commission might be adivsory, and does not sound regulatory.  Truman spends a great deal of time in the press release attacking Japan, indicating that the Japanese nation is a war driven nation, filled with threats to the United States.  Truman points to the development of the atomic device.  Yet, he wraps up the address with this call to world peace and little is indicative of how this is going to materialize.  Truman argues that he, as the President, will "give further consideration" and "make recommendations" to Congress as to how the presence of atomic weapons can enhance world peace, almost suggesting that he holds one of the largest tools of mass destruction on the planet and will decide how it is to be used.  In is here where I think that Truman advocates for world peace through the use of nuclear weapons, but does little to articulate as to how this is entirely possible.

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