If an atom had an atomic number of 119 where would it fall on the periodic table?

Expert Answers
t-nez eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Element number 119 would be in the alkali metal family and would be the first element of the 8th period, falling just below Francium. It's temporary IUPAC systematic name is Ununennium, which means 119, with the corresponding symbol Uue. The team that synthesizes 119 will have the privilege of choosing a permanent name. It would most likely have properties similar to the other alkali metals, such as a +1 oxidation state, high reactivity, and would be a silver or gray solid that forms compounds that are soluble in water.  It would most likely be radioactive like the other artificially synthesized elements whose neutron to proton ratios produce instability.

Element 119 is the lowest atomic number to not yet be synthesized, despite attempts by researchers to do so. 

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