At the time of the drafting of the Arizona Constitution, the Progressive Party and movement was very influential in American politics. As such, the framers of the Arizona Constitution added specific powers to the people, such as the recall of judges. What are the pros and cons of such democratic principles being embedded in a state constitution?

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There are numerous benefits to this sort of legislative freedom and empowerment for the citizens of the state. While it may seem unorthodox to be able to recall judges and remove them from the position, in the context of any other career, it makes sense. If someone puts another individual in a position, they should also have the ability to remove them from that position if they so choose—a manager can fire an employee who isn’t performing adequately.

This legislation gives power to the people in unprecedented ways. It allows them not only power over who represents them, but also ensures that those individuals maintain the standards to which they were elected.

On the other hand, this makes judicial appointments much more political than they previously were. While there will always be consternation from the opposition over the appointment of a judge, particularly one with a political bend they dislike, this law allows opposing parties to remove judges if they gain enough power. This...

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