At the engineering shack, what does Joe Mack steal?

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Joe is on the run from his Russian pursuers in the icy wastes of Siberia. Ordinarily, it would be a virtually impossible task for someone in this situation to avoid capture. But as a Native American, Joe has the experience necessary to outwit his pursuers and live off the land as his ancestors did.

As Joe is making his way along a river, he can see a bridge in the distance. He figures that it's being used to transport construction equipment and materials. As it's right in the middle of Siberia, Joe doesn't believe that the bridge will be guarded, but he's cautious anyway.

Slowly but surely, Joe approaches the bridge. The cold wind is howling around his ears as he crouches down behind a construction shack, where he waits to see if there's anyone around. After a short while, Joe creeps into the shack and, by the light of the stove, sees a flat table on which there are maps, blueprints, a compass, a square, and some pens.

Hanging off a nail at the end of the table is a haversack stuffed with maps and papers. Joe rifles through the contents and finds a map of the Trans-Baikal, which covers the region where he now is. He puts the map inside his shirt and cautiously slips out, ready to continue on his perilous journey.

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