The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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At the end of chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, no one has the moral high ground any more. Choose a character (Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, or Nick) and explain how this character has been compromised. You should include at least one quote. What did the character do? Why doesn’t the character come clean? What is he/she hiding? What does he/she have to lose?

By the end of chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is compromised in the callous disregard he shows for the dead Mrs. Wilson. Gatsby in reveals himself to be a cowardly, cruel narcissist and, possibly, a sociopathic one. If he at one point in the novel deserves some quiet pity, that moment is gone.

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By the end of chapter seven in The Great Gatsby, there are few, if any, illusions left: most of the characters have been revealed for what they truly are. To take just one example, Gatsby has removed any doubt that he is a selfish monomaniac and, in all probability, a sociopath.

Even before the car driven by Daisy kills Tom’s mistress, Gatsby has shown whom he is most interested in pleasing—Gatsby. He provides us with similar evidence throughout the novel, of course, by his singular obsession with reclaiming Daisy. But here, on the cusp of finally achieving the dream, he finds that it’s not enough. He wants Daisy to declare that not only does she love him, but also that she never loved Tom. At first she acquiesces, but as Tom pushes back and Gatsby pushes her on, Daisy’s answers betray her true feelings.

“I never loved him,” she said, with perceptible reluctance.

Tom mentions the time he kept Daisy’s shoes dry by carrying her and avoiding water.


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