At the end of chapter 10 of Animal Farm, what do the other animals see when they look at the pigs?

At the end of the book's final chapter, the animals are unable to distinguish the pigs from the humans.

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In the final chapter, Napoleon and his fellow porcine elites invite human farmers over to have a look at the Animal Farm premises. The inspection is followed by a dinner and card game in which Napoleon and his human neighbor Mr. Pilkington discuss the future of Animal Farm. As the other animals observe the scene from a window. They are unable to distinguish which of the people in the room are pigs or humans.

The significance of this final observation cannot be underestimated. While Napoleon has become more and more oppressive as the story progressed, now his transformation into total oppressor is complete. He is not even pretending to be an egalitarian lover of democracy any longer. Due to the amount of power he has been able to amass, he can openly flaunt his totalitarian intentions without anyone being able to challenge him. Like the Stalinist regime or even Napoleon Bonaparte's empire, what started as a revolution for freedom and equality has just mutated into another dictatorship. The animals are at least unconsciously aware of this fact as they watch Napoleon and Pilkington interact. On some level, they know the pigs are just repeating what the humans did to them before they revolted.

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