At the end of Call It Courage, does Mafatu die when he falls?

In Call It Courage, it's not clear whether Mafatu lives or dies after he falls. On the whole, one would have to say it's unlikely that he's passed away. It would seem that he's simply fainted with all the excitement of his epic journey and of the overwhelming joy he now feels at seeing his father again.

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It isn't spelled out exactly what happens to Mafatu at the end of Call it Courage. All we know for sure are two things: First of all, that he faints into the arms of his father, Tavana Nui, after he returns home from his epic voyage. And second, that years after the voyage, the people of Hikeuru still sing Mafatu's story in their chants and tell it around fires. This indicates that Mafatu has entered into mythology as a brave and noble warrior, which is exactly what he'd hoped to do by setting out on his remarkable journey.


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