Assuming the American Empire is in decline, what domestic and international factors are contributing to that decline?

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The biggest factor that is contributing to our decline is the global economy.  Because it is so easy to do business with any country anywhere in the world, the American economy has become dependent on other countries.  We are losing our supremacy because in every area where we used to be superior we now have completion from up and coming countries that are pouring their hearts and souls into climbing their way to the top.

America’s economy is tumbling down the rat hole due to outsourcing.  American companies can buy goods and services cheaper overseas, so they do.  They also have moved their factories and operations overseas where doing business is cheaper.

The other factor that is influencing America’s decline is the number of unemployed due to industry changes and outsources.  Until we put that population to work, and regain our advantages in creativity and ingenuity, we will never be back on top.

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