Assume that legislature has stipulated the rehabilitation should be the goal of corrections in your state. How might people working in the system displace this goal?

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Rehabilitation often takes the form of classes to improve academic skills and help inmates earn either GEDs or college degrees. When working within the prison system, one can see these forms of rehabilitation thwarted in many "micro" ways. For example, there are often not enough textbooks to go around, or the textbooks are damaged or written in. Funding can be limited, and by not allocating adequate resources to update textbooks and other learning tools, prison officials can make it difficult for inmates to learn. Another micro problem can be delivering prisoners to classrooms in shackles, which can seem humiliating and unnecessary to those who have proven their good behavior. These emotions can distract from learning, and the physical process of moving prisoners this way can interfere with instructional time. Further, classes can be cancelled for various reasons or an inmate can be forced to miss class, which disrupts continuity. A thousand "drips" of minor impediments, even if they...

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