Assume the role of a leader in a major terrorist organization and explain how one of the four State Sponsors of Terrorism identified by the United States could be used to your advantage. 

gsenviro | Student

The four State Sponsors of Terrorism identified by the United States are Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. If I am the leader of a major terrorist organization I will be able to leverage them to carry out terror strikes around the world. 

Due to the geographical location of these countries, they can be easily used to set up terror camps in Asia & Africa (Iran, Sudan and Syria) and America (Cuba). Given the traction that ISIS is receiving these days in terms of volunteers and finances from across the world; it would be very easy to tie up with Syria (and in extension ISIS) and use their vast resources to carry out terror strikes. Also, they already have armed forces and training camps and can be used to train my fighters. Given the inherent animosity between these states and the US and other developed countries (and many developing countries including India), it would not be too difficult to tie up with them. Here is a summary of how I can use them:

  • Help with training my fighters
  • Using their resources (volunteers and finances)
  • Using their links to enter other countries for strikes, esp. in Asia and US
  • Counter-intelligence can be coupled with our own intelligence network
  • Provision of safe haven for my terrorists to lie low after carrying out attacks.