Assess the state of Radical criminology today.Assess the state of Radical criminology today.

mkcapen1 | Student

The first thing that one needs to know to respond to this question is the background of radical criminology.  Radical criminology began with the theory from Marxism that a society sets up components through the ruling class that force their ideology onto all aspects of society.  The concept is called dominant ideology.

The upper class or dominant groups control the economic status of the people in a Capitalistic society.  The result is that the working class and poor essentially remain in their same state.  While few may make gains overall the poor stay poor.  The wealthy have the goal of staying wealthy and look out for one another through control of the economy.

Radical criminologists believe that because of this social order the poor act in a criminal manner to obtain what they need or desire.  Therefore, the causes of crime continue to be rooted in the economic conditions of citizens due to their disenfranchisement. 

In today's society one only need look at the statistics of rates of crime to see that there is a distinct correlation between crime and poverty.  Incidents of criminal behavior are higher among the poor.  In this manner radical criminologists believe that Marx's ideology has a degree of validity.