Assess the introduction of this article below including its tone.

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Perhaps the best way to start is to quote the whole first paragraph, since it is no too long.

"I hope that the Chinese people enjoy their Olympic Games. But once they are over and everybody has packed up and gone home, I think something should be done to reform the Olympic movement. I suspect that a lot of people are sickened by what the Games have become but are reluctant to speak out lest they be thought to be spoilsports."

As you can see, the tone of the author (Alexander McCall) is one of outrage. He is not happy about what the Olympic games have become. I would also say that he is very sarcastic. The very fact that he say that people are reluctant to speak up points in this direction. If you read the whole article it is clear the we are on the right track. Even the next paragraph has a very sarcastic opening:

"What is wrong with the Olympic Games? The short answer is: everything." 

This says it all. McCall wants nothing other than reform in the games. He wants to take out the professionalism of the sports by allowing amateurs only to compete. He also wants to take out the commercialism, which is too profit driven. 

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