Assess the dramatic importance of Ophelia’s funeral in Hamlet.

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This is a dramatically important high point in the play, with many memorable moments.

Before Ophelia's small funeral procession appears, Hamlet and Horatio meet in the graveyard, asking for whom a fresh grave is being dug. They get no straight answers from the gravediggers. Hamlet then finds the skull of Yorick, the court jester who used to carry him around when he was a child, and states, "Alas, poor Yorick." Hamlet ponders the reality that everyone dies—even great military leaders like Julius Caesar. This, Hamlet understands, makes death the great equalizer, reducing both the mighty and the humble to the same level.

Against this eerie backdrop, Hamlet and Horatio witness Ophelia's funeral. When the priest wants to keep it short because of Ophelia's suicide, Laertes ,...

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