Asking about Doctor FaustusIf Dr.Faustus is the best character that represent the theme of the renaissance, why he exchanged his soul with the Lucifer that can refer to the religion things

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I don't know whether Faustus is the best Renaissance character or not, but certainly, he is a superb creation of Marlowe who marvelously represents the features of the Renaissance age.

The term Renaissance means rebirth. Renaissance implies revival of knowledge or learning. Renaissance men had a thirst to bring about new innovations, and enlighten the darkness of the medieval era. Roger Bacon, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilee, Thomas More, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton- all are Renaissance scholars. Faustus is also represented as a Renaissance intellectual.

As I referred before, Renaissance period focuses on individuality, rationality and beauty. This age follows the footsteps of the Classical age. The purpose was to come out of the darkness breaking the shackle of Medievalism. "Christopher Marlowe based his play Doctor Faustus on stories about a scholar and magician, Johann Faust, who allegedly sold his soul to the devil to gain magical powers." Faustus is so intellectual that no academic subject is left untouched by him. He has a great longing for more knowledge than he has gained by now. So, he gets attracted towards necromancy or black art. He seems not to be satisfied at all with what he possesses, and considers necromancy as a quick way to earn supremacy since he thinks "a sound magician is a demi-god". It is his internal gluttony and pride which lead him to deal with the gang of Lucifer. He defies God and faces terrible consequence at last.

If Faustus would have remain contented with his scholarship that he gained by now, he would not have to do pact with the devils. His yearning for the forbidden knowledge like Adam and Eve and crossing the limit result in downfall. His wings also get melt like Icarus who tried to cross the boundary.

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