Ask the oldest family member(s) or neighbor(s) how the War affected them on the home front.

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It does not appear that this question will be one that the educators on this site will be able to answer. The project seems to require that students should find someone, either in their family or in the community, and discuss their memories of the home front during the Second World War. Assignments like this allow students to hear firsthand accounts, albeit filtered through decades. They can then try to make sense of these experiences through comparing them to others, or analyze them in light of what they have learned about the period in secondary sources. But the project will certainly require you to interview an actual person. You should obviously consult your instructor to find out their expectations, but I have included links to some guidelines for conducting oral history interviews below. You might also want to consult Don Ritchie's book Doing Oral History, one of the most important in the field. 

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