"The Asia-Pacific region is considered to be a region of contrasts." Provide different examples that make this statement true.

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The Asia-Pacific region can be considered a region of contrasts.  There are many differences between countries in this region.  Let us look at a few of the more obvious contrasts.

  • Governmental systems.  In this region, we have countries with a variety of kinds of governments.  There is a hardcore communist government in North Korea.  There is a government that calls itself communist, but is moving away from communism in China.  There is an authoritarian one-party government in Singapore that promotes capitalism.  There are democratic governments in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and other places.
  • Race.  This region is home to people that we would say are of different races (there is no such thing as race, biologically speaking).  We typically see Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans as being of one race.  We often see Filipinos, Indonesians, and others as another race.  There are people of European descent in the region.  There are Melanesians and Polynesians and Australian Aborigines. 
  • Wealth.  The region’s countries vary widely in terms of the amount of wealth that they have.  There are rich countries like Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.  There are middle class countries like Indonesia and China.  There are very poor countries like North Korea and Myanmar.

In these ways, we can clearly say that this is a region of contrasts.

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