As a college student, what are some online jobs I could do which could earn me at least $10 per day?

Decent online jobs for college students include tutoring, course creation, English practice, website testing, transcription work, and data entry.

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Lately, the number of opportunities to make money online has grown immensely. While many of these won't make you rich, at least not right away, earning ten dollars a day is not so hard a goal to achieve.

As a college student, you probably already have some mastery over certain academic subjects. There are numerous online companies that offer peer-to-peer tutoring. A quick internet search for online tutoring jobs will point you toward several online tutoring companies that may accept you.

Similarly, if you have a particular skill, hobby, or interest that you'd be interested in sharing with others, take a look at making a course that you could sell through a company like Udemy or Skillshare.

There is a huge demand around the world for opportunities for English language learners to practice their language skills with a native English speaker. If English is your first language, you can make about $10 per hour simply by having conversations online through companies like Cambly.

If you are a fast typer with good attention to detail, transcription services may be a good fit for you. Often, these companies, which need people who can turn audio into written transcriptions, allow you to have a flexible schedule.

Companies also need people to test out their websites. UserTesting is a company that pays about $10 per test; tests average about twenty minutes in length.

Although the work can be repetitive, data entry work is a good option for part-time online work. Very little experience is necessary, which makes it a good option for college students.

Your college itself may have work that its students can do. If there is a career center on campus, I recommend stopping in to see if there is anything there that fits your needs. This may include managing the school's website, data entry, reaching out to alumni for donations, or something else entirely.

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