As a business owner or IT manager, describe the key issues, actions, and security problems in choosing software for an organization's computer systems and keeping the software up to date.

As a business owner or IT manager, it's wise to choose reliable software that will protect your system from attacks. Keeping the software up to date is crucial because it ensures that the software keeps up with new threats.

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As a business owner or IT manager, one key issue that can impact software selection involves money. Perhaps a company is short on funds and can’t afford to buy the best kind of software. A company might try to save money by utilizing less expensive software. Unfortunately, the software could be cheaper for a reason: it might not be as secure as pricier options. A business owner or IT manager who tries to cut corners when it comes to their software budget could open their company up to an array of problems that cost the business more in the long run.

Even if a company invests in reliable, secure software, the organization must update the software for it to be fully effective. In June of this year, New York City’s Law Department was hacked. The agency was using 2003 Microsoft software. In 2015, Microsoft stopped sending crucial security updates for this particular software, which meant that the software had not been updated in around six years.

Keeping software up to date is crucial for a business owner or an IT manager. Hackers and malicious actors are constantly creating new viruses and means to break into various types of software. Software manufacturers can protect their software from these fluid threats with updates. If a business owner or IT manager doesn’t stay vigilant about the condition of their software, they’re exposing their organization to risk. In the case of the New York City Law Department, someone (like an IT manager) should have taken action to address the dangerously obsolete software.

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