Do the arts have an important role within modern day Britain?  

Expert Answers
kateanswers eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The arts certainly have a large impact on modern day Britain. Though the days  of Shakespeare are long past, theatre continues to play a huge part in shaping British culture. For one, the United Kingdom's legacy of theatre culture draws millions of tourists every year. In addition to great achievement in theatrical arts, the British Museum houses one of largest collections of art and cultural artifacts in the world. 

Just like any other nation in the world, art serves as a leisure activity for many, a living for some, and certainly has an impact on all people. Whether intentional or not, art sends messages that are interpreted and integrated by the person who views, hears, or touches it. Even advertisements are art, and in London one can hardly escape the adverts posted on the sides of buildings, buses, and on billboards. Art has played a huge part in shaping the national identity of Great Britain, and many British people cite great works of art and artists as being formative to their identity as a Brit.