ArtistsDo you have a favorite artist who inspires you to create wonderful paintings, drawings or sculptures?  If so, why did this artist inspire you?

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The artist who inspires me most is William Faulkner. The verve and urgency that vein his writing always make me want to write. I guess it's the passion, but not only that, it's the passion of the ideas that gets me going.

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My favorite artist and I have very differing art styles and mediums actually, but he was the first one to inspire me to begin my career in art regardless. I owe this to Vincent van Gogh because he was the first artist I was introduced to in elementary school and because of him I was absolutely fascinated by his art style. You would also think that I might've become a painter like him, used colors like him, or paint amazing landscapes as him; however, I love using graphite pencils, draw in black and white, and I love drawing faces.