The Articles of Confederation might have made the new government more successful had it not been for the difficulty _________________________ it. 

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that there may be a mistake in this question.  There is no one word that could be put in this blank to make any sort of meaningful statement about the Articles of Confederation.  You could put “with” or “surrounding” but that would not tell you anything about why the Articles were flawed.

The most likely good answer to this question would include something about how the Articles of Confederation created a system in which the states had too much power and the central government did not have enough.  After their experience with an overbearing central British government, the Americans wanted to make sure their own central government would not be too strong.  However, they went too far in the other direction, creating a central government that could not even carry out basic functions like taxation.  The Articles gave the vast majority of power to the states, making it hard for the national government to do anything.

Eventually, many Americans came to believe that they needed a stronger central government.  For this reason, they accepted the new Constitution that did away with the Articles of Confederation.