Based on the article "What has Psychotheraphy Inherited from Carl Rogers?"  by Marvin R Goldfried, would you agree or disagree with the following:  "Rogers' emphasis on psychotherapy research has provided a platform on which current outcome and process investigations have been based.  Although the field has clearly become much more specialised over the the years, Rogers conducted some of the earliest studies to determine whether or not a therapeutic intervention worked.  More over, his use of wire recordings - which predated the tape recorder - served as a ground breaking methodology by which the process of therapy could be investigated." 

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The article's assertion about the importance of Rogers's work is something where one can find agreement.  The article accurately depicts how Rogers' belief that the need to help those who are in need is the very basis of successful psychotherapy.  Rogers' intervention was rooted in "the therapeutic value of a good therapy relationship."  This is something that he believed and something that can still be seen today in how successful practitioners interact with their patients.  Rogers's use of recordings enabled this relationship to be developed and harnessed, so that the needs of the patient could be met.  It is in this light where his emphasis can be seen as highly relevant today.  Rogers's "patient centered" approach is now accepted as standard practice.  It is no longer radical and there is no more need of a movement for the field has understood that it is the most valid way to approach how a practitioner can help specific individuals.  Evidence- based therapy and other patient- centered means by which Rogers suggests that validity must be determined are now understood as effective practice.  It is here in which Rogers's ability to conduct specific therapeutic intervention proves to enduring and successful.

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