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According to the article "Sex Before Marriage: How Far is Too Far," by Tim Lane – what does God think about sex? I quoted from the article but forgot to link to it.  The link is here: Sorry for the inconvenience -- Pohnpei397

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The major point of this article is that Lane is saying that God thinks that sex is a great thing, but only

within the context of an exclusive, heterosexual marriage.

Lane spends a great deal of time talking about how the Bible shows that God does not think that sex is bad.  He talks about the Song of Solomon and about things that Paul says in his epistles.  The point of it all is that God made sex and that everything that God made is good. 

However, God thinks that sex is very powerful.  He thinks that it is something that must be engaged in only in the right situation.  Lane uses the simile of a fire, saying that sex is like fire in that both sex and fires are good things, but that both can destroy you if they are not used in the proper way.

Overall, then, Lane is telling us that God approves of sex as long as it is within marriage.

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