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Persuasiveness and Bias in an article   I need to answer quesions 1) Is this article biased? Explain 2) What is used most predominaritly: Pathos, Ethos or Logus?  3) Identifu 3 words with strong connotation (loaded words)

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I would say that the article is somewhat biased, because it is a person's opinion.  There seems to be a strong use of pathos and logos.  For example, this sentence.

With a B.C. youth jobless rate of 13.7 per cent ... there are scores of university graduates, especially those with liberal-arts and social-sciences degrees, who are either unemployed or underemployed ... and have been badly scarred by the experience. (

Yikes.  The use of the word "scarred" implies severe emotional problems as a result for having no job.  There's the pathos. Yet there is also logos in the statistics.

It seems that Ferry is blaming the university, because he does not want to raise taxes and throw money at the problem.  He also shows his bias and uses loaded words when he describes the "anti-business attitudes of many British Columbians" at the end.

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