Article on Great Gatsby's death?300-400 words

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Usually articles on death in newspapers are called obituaries. You might check out that section of the newspaper by using an index and reading a few. They would give you ideas about what might be said of a person based on their death, and it would give you an idea of a voice you might use.

Many obituatries refer to who survives a person... meaning who the person's remaining relatives are. They also note their significant contributions to a community or to a greater society at large.

Just like other types of news articles, the most important information goes first (asnwer the who, what, why, where, when and how about the death), and then the less interesting information comes in degrees later.

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We can't write essays for you on this site, but we can give you ideas about what you might write about.  It would also help if you gave more information about what your topic is...

As far as Gatsby's death goes, here are some things that you might talk about:

  • Why does he die (in "real" life).  In other words, within the context of the story, why does he allow himself to take the blame for Myrtle's death?  Why does Tom lead Wilson to believe Gatsby killed Myrtle?
  • What does this say about Gatsby's character?  Did he do the right thing by allowing people to think he killed Myrtle?
  • Why does Fitzgerald have him die in the story?  Why can't he go on living?
  • Why does no one (essentially) come to his funeral?