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In the article "Association of Arsenic Exposure during pregnancy with Fetal Loss and Infant Death," what are the details of the methodology that supports this study as a cohort?

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A typical cohort study should include the components of:

1)A study population.

For the cohort study, the study population was chosen from Matlab, southeast from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is one of the areas registering the highest contamination of tube-well water by arsenic. A total of 29, 134 pregnancies were used as the study population. The study population comes from two areas in Matlab 1)The International Center For Diarrhoeal Disease Research area, where a Maternal, Child Health, and Family Planning Program is in place 2) a government health service area where citizens receive government subsidized health care.

2)The incidence of those exposed to the harmful element compared to those not exposed to the harmful element (this is the comparison group).

In the cohort study, 29, 134 pregnancies qualified for analysis out of 51, 500 pregnancies which resulted in fetal deaths or singleton births. Of the 51,500 number, 46, 441 used tube-water during their pregnancies, but 5, 059...

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